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Impromptu Saturday Photoshoot for Shanna Banana.

Today Shanna and I decided to have a little bit of fun with a impromptu woodland fairy photoshoot! We had to hurry to get everything ready before sunset! There was a lot to do, makeup, hair, wardrobe and cat wrangling.


Behind the scenes: The shoes were a little bit too big, but we decided that they would work anyway.

Shanna's beautiful smile comes out.

Goofy girl!

The sun started to set and we were able to get some very very beautiful shots. But we had to hurry the light was fading fast.

Even Trouble the cat wanted her picture taken. Finally we found some milkweed pods and made some wishes and finally we tried to catch our chicken name Snap (our Rhode Island red chickens are named, Snap, Crackle and Pop) for some pictures, but she wasn't cooperating.

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